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Family Engagement Month

We want to recognize our parents, families and caregivers for all that you do to support the education of our students. Thank you! Engaging in your child’s education has been shown to dramatically increase academic success. November serves not only as a celebration of family engagement, but also a reminder of the difference you make in your child’s learning.

Through decades of research we know that family engagement plays a key role in student academic learning. The Sevier County School System recognizes this as a vital component in education and has made it a goal to promote and encourage family, school, and community partnerships to ensure academic success for all students. Research shows parent and family engagement improves: student attitudes, behavior, social skills, learning, grades, homework completion, testing scores, attendance, graduation rates, and the likelihood of students pursing higher education.

In honor of “Family Engagement Month” and “National Parent Involvement Day”, the Sevier County School System is providing the calendar below to encourage parents and families to be regularly engaged in their child's education. It is our hope that you and your child will utilize these activities throughout the month of November. Additionally, we want to encourage you to engage in your child’s education not only this month, but on an everyday basis!

Visit Project Appleseed for additional information on family engagement.