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Professional Dues


Any employee who is a member of a professional organization or who has applied for membership may sign up for the professional organization to deliver to the Board an assignment authorizing payroll deduction of professional dues using the appropriate form.

Regular Deductions

Pursuant to the deduction authorization, the Board shall deduct one-ninth of total dues from the regular salary checks of the professional employees and affiliates who wish to join the professional organization. Deductions will be made each month for nine months beginning with the October paycheck.

Pro-Rated Deductions

Deductions for professional employees who authorize dues to be deducted after the commencement date in October will be appropriately pro-rated to complete payments in June.


The professional organization will present an alphabetical list of all professional members to the Central Office by October 1. The professional organization will notify the Central Office in writing of all changes in membership when changes occur or upon request of the Director of Schools.

The Board will compile a list of professionals and non-professionals who wish to have dues deducted. This list will be compiled from the authorizations presented to the Central Office.


Any professional employees who wish to have dues deducted from their payroll checks must renew their authorization each year. This authorization must be delivered to the Central Office by October 1. Once such authorization is presented to the Central Office, the entire deduction will be taken from the professional employees' payroll check.

Termination of Employee

Any employee who authorized payroll deduction of dues and subsequently terminates employment prior to the final deduction will have the remaining balance deducted from the final paycheck. The authorization form will state this final deduction policy.