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School Support Organizations


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A School Support Organization (SSO) is a booster club, foundation, parent teacher association, parent teacher organization, parent teacher support association, or any other nongovernmental organization or group of persons whose primary purpose is to support a school district, school, school club, or academic, arts, athletic or social activities related to a school, that collects or receives money, materials, property or securities from students, parents or members of the general public.



Approved School Support Organizations

Caton's Chapel Community Club, Inc. approved 11/3/08

Friends of the Trula Lawson Center, Inc. approved 8/28/08

Gatlinburg Pittman Girls Soccer Boosters Club, Inc. approved 11/28/08

Gatlinburg Pittman Boys Soccer Boosters Club, Inc. approved 11/19/08

Gatlinburg Pittman Baseball Boosters Club, Inc. approved 9/10/08

New Center School Parent Advisory Council, Inc. approved 8/26/08

Northview Academy Athletic Boosters approved 5/2/2013

Northview Elementary School PTO, Inc.

Northview Elementary PTO, Inc. Other Charter approved 09/03/0

Northview Intermediate School PTSO approved 09/25/08

Pigeon Forge Primary PTO approved 8/15/08

Pigeon Forge Middle School PTO approved 09/08/08

Pigeon Forge High School Band Boosters, approved 09/21/01

Pigeon Forge High School PTO approved 10/22/08

Pigeon Forge Touchdown Club approved 12/15/03

Pittman Center School Parent Teacher Organization approved 09/09/08

Sevier County High School Football Boosters approved 08/07/08

Sevier County High School Band Boosters, approved 10/03/08

Sevier County High School Tip Off Club, Inc. approved 05/15/06

Sevierville Intermediate School PTO approved 09/23/08

Sevierville Middle School PTO, Inc. approved 09/24/08

Sevierville Primary School PTO, Inc. approved 4/01/10

Seymour Intermediate Parent Support Group, Inc. approved 09/09/08

Seymour High School Choral Booster Club approved 09/18/08

Wearwood Elementary School Support Group approved 09/17/08



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