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The basic guidelines for the sick leave bank are set forth in Tennessee Code Annotated 49-5-810. These operating guidelines are for clarification only and do not change the requirements as set forth in law.

Membership in the sick leave bank will be extended each year to all employees during the months of August, September, and October. New members will contribute at the rate of two (2) days the first year and one (1) day the second year. If an employee has no accumulated sick leave, but still wishes to join, he/she may contribute the first day(s) earned. Any member may withdraw from the bank by written notice to the trustees on any June 30. Membership withdrawal results in forfeiture of all days contributed. There must be a minimum of 20 employees joining for the sick leave bank to become operative.

The days in the sick leave bank shall accumulate from year to year. In the event the days in the bank become less than one per member, or at any time deemed advisable, the trustees may assess each member one or more days of accumulated sick leave. If a member has no days at the time of assessment, the first earned days shall be donated as they are accrued.

Any participating member of sixty (60) days who has earned and contributed enrollment days and has exhausted all accumulated sick leave and personal leave, including all board paid extensions, will be eligible to apply to the bank for the use of bank days. Grants of sick leave shall not be made on account of elective surgery, illness of any member of participant’s family, or during any time the member is receiving disability benefits from social security or state retirement plans. The number of days granted to any member will be limited as follows:

  • Not more than twenty (20) consecutive days for which an individual would otherwise have lost pay. Applicants may submit request for extensions of such leave grants before or after their prior grants expire.
  • A maximum of sixty (60) days in any fiscal year.
  • A maximum of ninety (90) days as a result of any one illness, or recurring diagnosed illness or accident.

Applications will be made in writing to trustees accompanied by a physician’s statement describing nature of disability. Applications may be made by a family member or agent in cases where applicant is unable to do so.

The sick leave bank shall be administered by a five member board of trustees with the Director of Schools serving as chairman, two members each appointed from the Sevier County Board of Education, and the Sevier County Education Association. Appointments will be made for three year staggered terms beginning August 1. The board of trustees shall review all applications for use of sick leave within ten (10) calendar days and shall notify applicants in writing of grants, denials, or suspensions of sick leave from the bank. Grants may be retroactive upon final approval to date of need as determined by trustees.


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If you would like more information regarding the district's Sick Bank benefit, please contact the Human Resources office.