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Response to Intervention and Instruction

Grades: Kindergarten - Twelfth Grade

Description: Response to Instruction and Intervention (RTI²) is Tennessee’s academic three-tiered framework for teaching and learning that begins with high-quality, differentiated instruction throughout the day and emphasizes intervening with students when they first start to struggle to avoid prolonged academic difficulties. The RTI²   model is used in English language arts and mathematics. 

Materials: Intervention programs are selected by classroom teachers providing tiered interventions based on systematic, research-based interventions that target the student’s identified area of deficit (basic reading skill(s), reading fluency, reading comprehension, mathematics calculation, mathematics problem solving, or written expression). Interventions will be developed based on the unique needs of students. 

As outlined in ESEA § 8102(21)(B), scientifically-based research involves the application of rigorous, systematic, and objective procedures to obtain reliable and valid knowledge relevant to education activities and programs.