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Abridged Course Syllabus: Grades 6-12

Course Overview

Please find course overviews for grades 6-12 social studiessciencemath, and English language arts courses at each link.

Course Standards, Objectives, Topics

Meet the higher expectations and rigor of the Tennessee academic standards

Incorporate technology that motivates students and allows them to progress at their own pace

State standards for teaching and learning are available on the academic standards page on the TN Department of Education website.

Major Program Strands, Assignments, Field Trips

Teachers will post daily assignments to their Google Classroom for students and parents/guardians to access.

Please refer to the teacher’s hybrid course curriculum in grade 6 and daily course syllabi in grades 7-12.

Hybrid course curriculum and daily course syllabi may be found under the Materials section of Google Classroom.

Grading (Including Testing)

  • Per Sevier County Board of Education policy, daily grades will count as two-thirds of a student’s final average while test grades will count as the final one-third. Deductions will be made for unexcused absences and tardies. The semester exam will count as 20% of the student’s final grade for the course when averaged with the grades from each marking period.
  • TNReady End-of-Course Exam (if applicable) 
  • Six Weeks Common Formative Assessments (if applicable)
  • Beginning, Middle, and End-of-Course Benchmarks (if applicable)

Parental Access to Instructional Materials

Pursuant to Tennessee Code 49-6-7003, parents or guardians may request access to any teaching materials, instructional materials, and other teaching aids including pacing guides used in the classroom as well as any tests developed or graded by the teacher. In order to facilitate this request, parents/guardians are asked to submit a request for such review via letter, email, or phone conversation prior to an established meeting for said review.